This is the solution you have been looking for to master and use the Fifth Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. This unique membership site provides you 24/7 access to extensive and essential resources that will improve the quality and efficiency of performing and reviewing Fifth Edition impairment evaluations. The site is designed for all professionals involved in the use of the Fifth Edition, including physicians, attorneys, claims professionals and fact finders. You will gain access to:
  • Training
    • Presentations by Christopher R. Brigham, MD on the use of the Fifth Edition - view at your convenience – 58 modules, over 10½ hours of content in Flash format - fast loading and easy to navigate.
    • Videos: AMA Guides 101 and Physical Examination Essentials online
    • Guides to the Guides
    • Case Exercises with Solutions
  • Calculators
    • Pain Questionnaire
    • Functional Inventories (with online scoring and reporting), including Pain Disability Questionnaire (PDQ), QuickDASH, and Lower Limb Outcome
    • Combined Values
    • Unit and Regional Conversions
  • Forms
    • Functional Inventory Forms
    • History Form
    • Report Form
  • Resources
    • Rating Guidance Tool which provides information on the applicable section(s) and criteria, and suggestions on the rating process to over 50 of the most commonly rated conditions.
All of these resources are available to you 24/7 for only $487 a year, less than cost of a single day of live training – and you have access all year.

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  • Online training – efficient and effective. Online training is a very efficient way to learn the Guides. Use this as a primary learning method or to complement other seminars. No travel time, no travel costs, no lost productivity, and no hassle. In the past, to learn how to use the Guides you would need to travel to seminars - and then weeks later you encounter a rating issue and do not clearly recall what to do. Or you would need to struggle on your own to interpret the Guides. The training is equivalent to days of participation in seminars, yet the fee is not. Nor is there lost productivity (compromising billable hours) or any travel costs. You do not have to give up valued work days, treasured weekends or vacation time to receive training.

The presentations focus on the musculoskeletal injuries of the spine, upper extremities and lower extremities which represent the vast majority of the ratable conditions.

You will learn from Christopher R. Brigham, MD, Editor of the Guides Casebook and Guides Newsletter, and someone highly regarded for his knowledge of impairment evaluation and ability to convey this knowledge to others.

As a result of these learning resources you will be able to:

  • Discuss the concepts of impairment and disability.
  • Demonstrate the ability to rate most commonly rated disorders, including spinal pain, upper limb disorders (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulders and entrapments), lower limb disorders (foot / ankle, knee and hip), nervous system disorders, and pain.
  • Guidance. You also gain access to online rating guidance for the most commonly encountered diagnoses.
  • To ease the process of performing and reviewing impairment ratings, you are provided with access to functional inventories that provide online scoring and printing! You also have access to online calculators, combined values and conversions.
To greatly improve the quality and efficiencies of evaluations you will also gain access to a variety of forms that are available only to current subscribers of FifthEdition.com. Examinee forms include consent, history, inventories and satisfaction survey. We also provide you with extensive Internet links to resources that you will find very valuable.

"You have developed a wonderful and exciting learning tool for the AMA Guides!

I find your program to be a unique, time saving, user friendly, cost efficient instrument for learning the appropriate use of the AMA Guides. Having attended your AMA Guides seminars in the past, I can unequivocally state that this system is as informative and instructive as attending one of your seminars!

For busy practicing physicians, the information presented is straightforward, practical and allows one to implement the lessons into a busy practice immediately!

We all lead extremely busy professional careers and personal lives and I enjoy the fact that I can study, read and reflect on the presented material in the privacy of my own home and at my own pace. The cost of the program is minimal when considering time spent away from my practice, and the cost of travel and lodging when attending a "live" seminar.

For those who spend even a modicum of time performing medical legal evaluations and impairment ratings and do not yet have it, I would say "get it today!"

Ron Fujimoto, DO – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Los Gatos, California
"In describing this site there are several words that come to mind - valuable, creative, painless, authoritative, unique, and accessible 24/7. What you have developed is so needed."

Lorne Direnfeld, MD, Neurologist, Maui, Hawaii
"You've outdone yourself on this one! I knew it would only be a matter of time before you invented something else I would want to add to my armamentarium."

Todd Garner, DO, CIME, FAAFP - Medical Director, Lincoln Trail Occupational Health, Illinois
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